Monday, February 1, 2010

CONTEST: New banner

Win Stuff! That's right folks, I've decided I want to make this little blog look nicer and figured I might as well have some fun with the process. So I'm hosting a little two-part contest. The first stage will be to design a new banner/logo for Maunderings and the second simply to vote on your favorite. Prizes will be awarded for both.

Stage One, "Design a new banner"

The prize: One custom character model sculpted/converted to specifications.

I'll provide model concept sketches, base model and bitz (up to $50), shipping, and sculpt work. I will work with you exactly as I would a professional commission to make this a worthy centerpiece for your army or display case. (ie It will be done to the best of my ability and OCD tendencies.) I'll even paint it up if you want. Regular progress updates will be blogged.

The rules to play:
a. Entries must be sent to my e-mail (dweomer at by 12pm (noon) MST Tuesday, February 16th, 2010.
b. No more than three (3) entries per person.
c. The banner should be formatted to no more than 900px wide and 400px tall.
d. No profanity, pornography, abuse of my basic tenets nor blatant IP violations will be allowed.
e. I will have full rights to use the final image for my blog and blog related stuff.
f. Entries must be kept anonymous until voting is done. (I expect a bit of cajoling of friends, but don't leverage your blogs, okay?)
g. All entries will be posted on Wednesday, February 17th and voting will be open for one week. The top voted wins.

Equal fun for me? I'm headed on vacation for most of this contest time. So the submissions (or any lack thereof) should be just as much a surprise to me.

Stage Two "Vote the Winner"

The prize: A set of three sculpting tools.
I've had an extra set I've been meaning to give away for a while now. There's also possibly more/bigger prizes depending on how many people participate and what I can find in my bitz drawer.

The rules to play:
a. Simply vote in the poll for your favorite banner(s) and post a comment in the thread. Winner will be chosen randomly from the commenters one week later.
b. Yes, you can vote for your own entry(s). (If you think it's a contender.)
c. Yes, you can vote for multiple entries.

There's no requirement to Follow my blog or anything. I see no reason to have you do so and then drop right after. Simply show up, give your opinion and say hi. (Though if you decide to take a look around and like what you see, even better.)

This should be an interesting experiment at the very least... Cheers!

***Image snagged from Clker***


  1. Let me be the first to complain that your contest unfairly penalizes those of us without artistic talent. This is akin to legalized gambling. I demand a no-purchase (or skill) necessary, enter as often as you'd like clause!

    And, if your contest does well, I'll see what sort of prizes I can dredge up for a repeat!

  2. Entered ... hope you all like it!

  3. @Warhammer 39,999: Amusingly, you kinda gave me the idea when we were talking about conversion/sculpt work. You've got almost two weeks to come up with something... Nothing says it has to be your own work, just one that you have rights to use. :-p

    @Suneokun: Received and Thanks!

  4. Oooh. Excellent. Cracking the fingers and opening photoshop.

  5. I know it's a little premature to call you a liar... but:

    "g. All entries will be posted on Wednesday, February 17th and voting will be open for one week. The top voted wins"


    (p.s. How was the war?)

    Hopefully this doesn't negatively impact my chances to win with my sweet sweet logo suggestion!

  6. Hah. I should just post it today and backdate! Actually, it should go up this evening and no, you haven't hurt your chances to win... much. :-P

    The War was awesome and lots of fun. Easily the best I've been to in years. I spent way too much time working as I was running the rapier fighting, but it was worth it. I also ended up starting two days earlier and staying one day longer than planned, so my backlog has been HUGE. I'm almost feeling human, clean and caught up now. I hope to post some thoughts on my normal life blog today or tomorrow.