Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chaos Daemons

In the continued quest to upload pics of more of my work, I thought I'd show you some Chaos Daemons I have floating around... Plus, it makes for a fast post to throw out while I'm on vacation... :-p

First up is one of two dozen girls converted up to be my "counts as" Furies. These were done up before the Codex: Chaos Daemons had even come out. I'm generally happy with the conversion and final colors, though I hate the big mold line down her face. The entire batch had that problem, but it isn't like I could replace them now...

And then there are my Bloodletters. I've never really liked the GW Daemon models for Bloodletters as they never look like they're packing the right weapons or armour. I wanted something that looked a little more brutal and less cheesy fantasy daemon. So I used Khornegors as the base. The result looks a little like this:
Please ignore the ugly wart on his left axe. That was removed after seeing it in these pics.
How old are these pics? Well, enough so that I didn't use a lightbox, backdrop, had the flash on and was using green grass on the bases... It's been a while.
Wow, my red work has really come a long way...
Though you only see these 6, there's 16 total done. This allowed me to field them in 2 squads of 8, as that gave some sort of bonus.
Yeah, twist and shout!

So these days, most of these figs only hit the table as Summoned Lesser Daemons. When the Codex: Chaos Daemons hit the shelves, I thought about working these and some other figs up as a cohesive force. There's enough in my spares to field 2K and change, but I've never cared enough to actually field them. Maybe there is such a thing as too many armies... Nah, heresy talk! I'm sure I'll get around to them "someday".

Also, if you've read this far... there's still over FIVE days left to enter my "Design me a banner contest"! Get cracking!


  1. You know, the nasty mold-line makes for a decent looking scar on her face. If you hadn't complained about it, I'd have thought you went out of your way to sculpt such battle-damage. I s'pose though, if I saw an entire squad with identical scars, I might have picked up that it was a molding defect though...

  2. Heh. I actually repaired most of the rest but left a few with the facial mar as a "scar", so I guess it wasn't a bad thing overall.
    I only brought attention to it because I believe in full disclosure.