Saturday, February 27, 2010

CONTEST: The last day...

With about a day left to vote and enter in the banner contest, I thought I'd do an update with a general post and a bit of housekeeping...

First, is the "Pony People" banner in it's full "glory". Some of you asked so I provide...

Second, I updated my recent "B2B: Flamers" article with a critical item I'd spaced about:
"UPDATE: And yet another fun thing about Tank Shock: "Death or Glory" attacks are only allowed by a single "model in the vehicle's path". Many players like to place their special weapons and nasty characters either to the center of the squad or stacked to one side. If you Tank Shock an edge of the formation such that those don't have to move, they are not able to perform a DoG attack. This is another of those simple yet critical items that be make all the difference in your Tank Shock."
Normally I'd just update and go on with life, but that's such a good thing to know that I felt it worth posting twice.

Third, I've mentioned that I'm giving away "a set of sculpting tools and an LE fig". Well, some of you might want to see what I'm actually offering?
So here's the "set of sculpting tools":And there's been enough comments that I decided to throw in a second set too!Then someone is going to get choice of fig from the following two pics:There's also a bare metal Emperor's Champion not pictured.Yeah, I know they're not all LE, but there's some cool old figs there too. There's a Chaos Sorceror, a Marine Captain, 2 Slaaneshi Chaos Renegades, an ancient Tech Marine, and an original Mark 2 Terminator.
I know I have more LE figs around here but that box is hiding from me... so they'll just have to wait for another contest.



  1. Love those old warped chaos marines - Classic!

    Can you explain again how one can win?
    Just want to make sure I've entered properly.


  2. @Warhammer39,999: Yeah... anyone who checks the hosting code on that banner might be able to figure out who the joker is... :-p

    @theHman: All you have to do is post a comment in the original contest thread. You've already done that, so you're entered and good to go!
    And yeah, I love those old Renegades. I've got a full squad of 10 that I run as my Possessed. They're a touch small compared to current Marines but look so great.

  3. Oh my... You're stealing my bandwidth!