Friday, April 23, 2010

Nid Screamer-Killer

Cheers and welcome back to another exciting adventure in rambling 40K blogging! I thought about sparing you all the wall of text and just doing some pics, but the pics can't tell the full story...

So today's post is on an old Tyranid Hunter-Screamer-Killer. A few weeks ago, my friend and gaming buddy Mark called. He wanted to see about picking up the Space Hulk Genestealers I'd painted for him. (They'll be detailed in a future post once I get more pics of them.) This was a Tuesday and he wanted to use them in a tournament that Saturday. (Sadly, I had family obligations and couldn't attend.) While we were chatting, it came up that he was still debating his list. He knew what he wanted to run but it would knock a few painting points because his Carnifex was only primered. I gave it a quick thought, calculated the timing and told him that if he got it to me soon, I could have it at least minimally painted. So he dropped it off the next evening.

Then per the best laid plans of mice and men, I got sick with a nasty upper respiratory infection. I spent a couple days doing nothing more complex than sleeping and coughing. I wasn't able to focus on the fig until some time Friday evening. I should note that I'm not a fast painter; glacial might be a better label. I over think things, apply more layers than most people will ever notice, get easily distracted and generally move projects along only when the muse is with me. But I was down to the wire for this guy. I threw on the main basecoat of color in about an hour. This ended up being a good thing as I got a call from Mark as I was just finishing a wash of Devlan Mud. Seems he wanted to get a full night sleep and could he pick them all up in an hour? Silly Mark, sleep is for the weak! So I spent the last hour doing highlights (while avoiding the still-drying wash), picking out details, and fixing any glaring mistakes. The end result was this:And from the back:I have to say, I'm pretty damned happy with the results for only 3 hours at the painting table. Also, yes, these were taken with the new lightbox setup.

***All images are MINE! What am I going to do if you borrow them? Throw a hissy because you like my work?***


  1. I inherited James old bugs, and theres a couple of these beasties in the mix- now I see that they just need to be stripped and reincarnated ^_^

    And I always told you could could speed paint if you werent so busy appylying the infrared and unltraviolet highlights that only insects and aliens can see :p

  2. Hah. That Callidus Assassin was a EXEMPLAR of shades of grey. :-p

    So did Rinde decide to get out and toss you his Necrons too? Or is he still holding onto those with the idea of playing "someday"?

  3. Nice work Dverning and you say you are not a speed painter, what a sham!

  4. I have to agree with Magilla. You've just shown us some incredible speed-painting chops. Great stuff.

    Also, I am tremendously jealous that you got to even see one of these things, let along paint it. Amazing.

  5. The necrons got got shuffled off in a trade for some cadians that came out about 20% over retail in my favor, AND included a Sabol carry bag.

    But between his old nids and the ones I acquired through 4th ed, I could probly run a decent swarm for an Apoc game ;)

    Maybe after my Tallarns are done I can do a dip painting production line....

  6. Not to be a sad old bastard ... but that's a Screamer Killer. A Hunter Slayer was the old (and really overstated) name for a Termagaunt.



  7. @Magilla: Cheers. I've been making myself spend more time at the painting table and it's really been helping my speed. If given the chance, I'm still overly meticulous and slow but I'm working on it...

    @bsmoove: I don't know that it compares to the excellent 45 minute Ork you have. Still, thanks.
    Also, I didn't think you played Nids... But if you want one of these, there's about 7 or so running around my group. (It helps to have a lot of old players...) I know Mistress of Minis has a couple that I (or you) could probably trade off her.

    @MoM: Well, sounds like the Necrons were finally good for something then. :-p
    When you redo the Nids, give me a ring. I've picked up a few detail and wash tricks that make them pretty quick.

    @suneokun: Oh, good catch. I melded the two. My time with Nids was 2nd-3rd ed. My main experience with the old name was when shooting at them. Thanks for the correction!

  8. Wow - just wow! I'm insanely jealous of that right there :)

    Also have to say your Lightbox setup was ace, I might indeed get off my behind and do something of the sort, I have a lot of models i've fixed up recently, all demanding their spot on camera :p

    That's horrible about the respiratory infection, hope you're fully better now!

  9. @Iggy: Thanks, I was pretty happy with him for a rush job.
    Do post pics! I love seeing what everyone else is doing. Keeps me inspired to actually paint.
    The respiratory infection has thankfully cleared up. After finishing this guy I spent the weekend sleeping and that helped a lot. Still having some allergies, but that's par for the course this time of year. Cheers!

  10. Awesome work for the time involved.

  11. Excellent painting work on this guy. Might I ask... what color mix (or out of the pot) colors/washes did you use to achieve the bone carapace?

    I make custom action figures (6"-8") and need to do up a bunch of bones/skulls for a Predator custom toy series of mine. I'd love for them to turn out anywhere close to your 'Hunter-Screamer'. :) Thanks in advance! --Blayne

  12. Hey Blayne! It's been a while since I did this guy, but fortunately it's the same process I still do for bone and was the same as on the Genestealers I did after:
    1. Basecoat of Khemri Brown over black primer.
    2. Drybrush midtone of Graveyard Earth mixed with Bleached Bone.
    3. Light drybrush of pure Bleached Bone with just a bit of Devlan Mud to thin and darken. Basically, I get the BB on the brush, clean on a napkin, dip quickly in DM, re-clean, and then apply.
    4. Hit the recesses with Sepia Ink.
    5. Wash the fig with 1-3 light coats of Devlan Mud to blend. One heavy coat works, but 3 light ones thinned with a bit of water works even better.
    6. Highlight in pure Bleached Bone.