Thursday, January 7, 2010

Space Wolves FAQ Up!

YAY! The much anticipated Space Wolves FAQ has finally arrived.

The short version:
1. Runic Weapons negating Psychic Powers does NOT stack. There's only one roll.
2. Storm Caller does benefit vehicles.
3. Mark of the Wulfen Wolf Tooth Necklace gives you no benefit to-hit against vehicles.
4. Wolf Lords and Battle Leaders in Termie can get Frost Weapons.
5. A Wolf Scout with a Special or Heavy Weapon Plasma Pistol or Power Weapon still also has a Bolt Pistol and CCW.
6. Wolf Guard Pack Leaders regarding KP and joining Scouts were resolved to make sense.
7. Fenrisian Wolves as wargear is fleshed out a bit more.
8. Defensive grenades do not work when assaulting. Important bit there to improve counter-assaults.
9. Logan Grimnar's "The High King" can be declared even if he's in Reserves.
10. Characters on Thunderwolf Cavalry are T5, not T4(5). It modifies the basic stat. Oh my...
11. Scouts joined by an IC lose Behind Enemy Lines and Scout, but can still Outflank if the IC also has Saga of the Hunter.
12. Saga of the Iron Wolf is "free" movement and doesn't count against movement for shooting.
13. Multiple Rune Priests may take the same power as long as their second one is different.
14. Lone Wolves may take Fenrisian Wolves despite "Pack of One".
15. Jaws of the World Wolf does allow model sniping and does not allow a cover save.

There's some other items too, but they're mostly just clarifications of things that weren't that unclear. Most of these are how I expected, though one or two seems silly to me. There's a couple more I'd still like to see too but the majority of the big ticket items got resolved. Overall, I'm happy. Now to go update my old reviews...

***Image grabbed from the GW site***


  1. Good write-up and generic break down.

    I have a hard time understanding why lone wolves aren't really alone, and why a thunderwolf calvary aren't t4(5) like everything else. Hell, it's not even comparable to IG Rough-riders, who get the shaft in this department because apparently, horses aren't tough enough...?

  2. why lone wolves aren't really alone
    Hrm. I think I could probably do an entire post just on Fenrisian Wolves as wargear... The interesting thing about this interpretation being upheld? They are separate models that may not join another unit yet must remain within 2" of each other. So they are NOT a squad and you may always target the Lone Wolf or IC, even with Shooting.

    why a thunderwolf calvary aren't t4(5) like everything else Because GW is trying to sell the awesome new TWC models? Oh, wait... :-p Honestly, I think it is to keep them consistent with the normal TWC entry, similar to how Bikes run 4(5). Honestly, I don't think the IC needed the boost versus Instant Death, but it's just another thing that is nice. Plus, it means the TWC HQs don't have consider Eternal Warrior as much.

  3. Where the heck are you getting the MotW nerf? Rending gives you the normal vehicle benefit...

  4. Where does it say that you can target the IC with Fenrisian wolves with shooting? Unless I missed something in the FAQ. It is pretty beefy.

    As far as I can see it would go something like this:

    If he were alone with the wolves I see nothing that says the normal shooting and wound allocation rules aren't used. They are basically ablative wounds for the IC against shooting.

    Heck same goes if he was joined in a unit of Grey Hunters. The picking him out part was clarified for Assaults, which follows the normal rules.


  5. Two corrections:

    An IC with Saga of the Hunter IS allowed to outflank with a scout squad according to the FAQ.

    The Errata concerning Scouts is not actually refering to the special or heavy weapons, but instead to the last option of having Two scouts replace their weapons with plasma pistols or power weapons.

  6. @Anonymous: Whoops. That was meant to say "Wolf Tooth Necklace". That's what I get for letting my brain run ahead of my fingers... :-p Thanks for the catch.

    @Big Jim: Hrm... My reply got big enough that it warranted a new post. The short version is that the Wolves can be targeted in Shooting when they're a separate unit.

    @mchmr6677: Oh, good catches. The Outflank answer is poorly worded. He can IF he has Saga of the Hunter, but not otherwise. The Scouts one was me trying to get the post up faster than I was cross-checking. :-p

  7. Indeed. It should have stated something like "However, if the IC has Saga of the Hunter..."