Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas Terrain Tip

Today is the day after Christmas and it's one of my favorite 40k "holidays". Why? Because it's a great day to pick up some cheap terrain! In particular, I'm talking about the miniature Christmas village trees. Today, most stores mark their stock of these down 50% or more. I was able to pick up a dozen or so trees of assorted sizes for less than $20.
Notably, this type of tree does often have "snow" all over it. I don't mind as I have a "snow" theme going with my Space Wolves and Chaos. So the only "work" I put into them is replacing the cheap white plastic snow base with something decent.
If you don't want the snow, just give the trees a soak in a bit of soap (or Simple Green) and water. I've found that strips the snow without damaging the tree.
A bit of looking around at other Christmas village items can also turn up some great instant terrain. I've picked up cobblestone roads, rock walls, barrier hedges and more. Plus, it's a great excuse to wander down to your local crafts store and browse for other terrain ideas!

Cheers and happy whatever holiday you may celebrate!


  1. Nice tip; however it seems a tad tardy. I've found that most places start marking this stuff down on Christmas week, so while you can get some insane deals after Christmas, it's mostly slim pickins in my area.

    I did manage to pick up some cool brick streets though for modeling. I passed on the trees this year since I still have some I stocked up on from last year... :)

    Pray tell, did you stumbled across any deals of a lifetime?

  2. Interesting. Not a single place around here starts marking down until the day after. I'd have preferred to post sooner, but didn't have the opportunity. Ah well.

    Sadly, no really killer deals. I've stocked up on a lot of items in years past. Today was mainly focused on simple trees as I'm helping decorate a friend's table.