Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Rangers Vs Pathfinders

In my last post I did a cost analysis of the output fire for Rangers against Pathfinders. Master DarkSol then asked for a graph of their ability to resist damage. It's a little "boring" as it is a linear equation in direct proportion.

First, a comparison of casualties caused per wound caused:

Pretty easy to see, a 2+ save is better than a 3+. :-p The math is a simple "((6-x)/6)*n" where x is the save and n is the number of wounding shots.

Then we factor in cost:

Being a base 6 system, we see whole number markers every 6 iterations.
If you chose NOT to Go to Ground, Pathfinders will "save" you 14 points for every 6 wounding hits. But if you do allow for GtG, Rangers will save you an extra 5 on top of that. I guess I could obfuscate values by using proportions, but this is easier to read...

Thanks to GtG, the only time the cost-analysis favors the Pathfinders is when there's a reduction to cover save, such as from Markerlights. All other tables (ignoring cover, CC, etc) favor the Rangers.

DarkSol, this answer your question or did I miss some way to make things more complex?

**Space Hulk update: 6 Genestealers and the Broodlord left to clean**

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  1. I was figuring it would look something like this, just needed some visual confirmation. So allowing for GtG, Pathfinders still don't appear to be worth the pricetag...