Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ard Boyz 2009, Round 1

Well, Ard Boyz has now come and gone. I'd planned to blog about my list, but I didn't finalize it until about 1am the night prior. I wasn't comfortable with how my playtesting had gone and it went through several iterations.

I played at my FLGS, Hat's Games. We had 22 entrants from around the area and the lists were tough. I took my mixed-mech Eldar:


2x 7 Fire Dragons, Exarch Upgrade, DB Flamer in a Wave Serpent w Spirit Stones and Shuriken Cannon turret

10 Banshees, Exarch Upgrade, Executioner, War Shout, Acrobatics in a Wave Serpent w Spirit Stones and Shuriken Cannon turret

3x 3 Guardian Jetbikes w a Shuriken Cannon

10x Wraithguard, Spiritseer, Enhance, Singing Spear

2x 8 Warp Spiders, Exarch upgrade, Powerblades, 2x Death Spinners

3x Wraithlord w EML/BL

I played Kantor Marines, mech Tau, and mech Ultramarines. It was a long and brutal day, but I managed to use superior mobility to pull three solid Massacres. This pushed me into Overall for the day. Makes my total Ard Boyz 2x 1sts local, 1x 2nd local, and 1x 6th regional. (I couldn't make the regional the second year due to SCA commitments.) So now it is off to Phoenix on August 8th for the next round.

How did all of you fare?

I'll be working on battle reports tomorrow and should post them up soon. Right now, I'm exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. I'm going to scarf some food, beat some baby seals in Overlord II, ice my knee and go to bed soon.

(Image, I'm sure, is copyright Games Workshop and will be removed if they ask me.)


  1. Congrats! I look forward to the battle reports. Nice mobile list that still hits very hard. I am interested to hear how the 2x Spiders did.

  2. Hey Congrats on the great games, I read through the different battle reports and love the idea of using the program to illustrate the moves.

    Think I've learned a thing or two about playing, but next time take one of my lists and play so I can learn what to do, lol ;)

  3. @Nix603: I hope you enjoyed the reads. The Spiders performed quite nicely and were well worth the price of admission.

    @CoolKidRoc: I've got a painting contest this week, a tourney next week and then Ard Boyz Round 2 prep and play after that. I'd be glad to run your list a few times and show you how I'd play it, but it might not happen until after August 8th. Fair enough?

  4. Congrats on the great games. Its nice to see skinny Eldar kick arse. I've become a follower of your blog because of content, and also b/c after play 2x per year for almost 15 years I am now playing more (I started about 21 years ago). I am curious how you would handle playing flanking genestealers on a table that has only a 4 foot wide deployment zone and is 6ft deep. My problem is if I advance up the middle I am walking into Tyrants and carnis, but if I stick to the side flanking/rending 'stealers can eat up....well anything really. (Not sure how to ask you questions outside of this....I am not a blogger at all..)

  5. Don't know if my last comment posted, so here goes...Congrats on the wins. I have begun to follow your blog with interest as it makes me feel good to see skinny elves kicking tail....
    A question though if I may. How would you address flanking genestealers on a table that is only 4ft wide. They can always get you and if you advance a mech force up the middle you are heading towards carnifex and/or tyrants. If there is a better venue to send questions please let me know cause this blogging is new to me.

  6. Hey Alex, comments are a fine way to contact me, though I think I may be adding an e-mail button to the front page. I'm slowly modifying the stock code to fit my preferences.

    Thanks for the compliment on game and content. I figure that if I can help even one person up their game, then it's all worth it.

    A 4' wide board presents all sorts of headaches as the game was really designed for a 6' wide board. Running a 4x4 or 6x4 unbalances certain units and rules. Outflanking Genestealers is one of those. With their effective movement distance they can reliably get tojust about any point on the table.

    The general premise is simple: pick a side and own it. Since you can't avoid them, channel them to where you want them. A foot force can screen with Defend Dire Avengers or a cannon fodder unit. A mech force should put their Wave Serpents in a formation where the units inside are screened and can hop into surviving tanks as needed. I'll work up a full post on the subject to show you a few tricks I use.